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Religious Festivals

This is the most joyful occasion of all Muslims across the country. Even, the non-Muslims like to join the celebration of Eid with everyone. The holy day comes after the month of Ramadan where the Muslim believers performed fasting for 30 days. It is believed that the Eid day is the blessing from Allah to enjoy the achievement after long 30 days’ fasting. In the morning, all the mosques and fields are filled with people to perform the Eid Salat. Prior to that, they take shower, get ready wearing new Pajama-Panjabi and apply perfume. After finishing Eid prayer, they embrace each-other and finally leave the Eidgah compound. Next, everyone visit their families, neighbors and relatives and have delicious foods. Sweet desserts like Kheer, Payesh and also the heavy items like Biriyani, Korma are served throughout the day. In the evening, people go out and crowd the recreational places like Cinema, Wonderland, Bowling or Laser Tag. People enjoy 3 days Government holiday for Eid.

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