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Best Archaeological Sites In Bangladesh

Shaheed Minar: Shaheed Minar or The Martyr Monument stands near Dhaka Medical College. It is the symbol to remember the language martyrs of 1952 language movement. You can go flashback to that incident any time. In 1952, due to the more number of Bangla speakers, people protested to make ‘Bangla’ the state language over Urdu. In response, Pakistani police openly fired at the protesters to disassemble their movement. Agonizingly, few students among Dhaka University and Dhaka Medical College died. Bangladesh sculptor Hamidur Rahman along with Novera Ahmed designed and built the modern Shaheed Minar. Eventually, 21st February, the day of the barbaric incident, is declared as International Mother Language Day. People remember these national heroes with flowers in front of Shaheed Minar on this day.

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