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Best Archaeological Sites In Bangladesh

The Lost City of Bagerhat The location of this historic city is in the south west of Bangladesh. The city is where the river Brahmaputra and the Ganja river meet in the Khulna division. Bagerhat comes under the Forbes 15 lost cities in the world. In 1985, the site gained recognition as a UNESCO world heritage site. A Turkish man by the name of Ulugh Khan Jahan is the founder of this place. The beautiful curation from the 15th century is made up of bricks. Familiar as Khan Jahan Ali (1369-25 October 1459), reportedly he was also the constructor of the Sixty Dome Mosque. The mosque city once was once famous as Khalifatabad during the reign of Ali. Jahan had many followers from Khalifatabad, stretching from Naldi to the north of Narail. As per reports, Khan did acquire an area of the Sundarbans and set up human structures. The city has baked bricks consisting of many ruins and structures. These include 360 places of worship, bridges, roads and other man-made constructions. Architecturally beautiful, the city uses a distinctive style of designs often familiar as the ‘Khan Jahan Style.’ The style and designs within the beautiful and untouched city have Turkish architectural influences.

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