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Best Archaeological Sites In Bangladesh

Jagaddala Mahavihara Founded by the later kings of the Pala Empire, Jagaddala Mahavihara is present in the northern areas of Bangladesh, close to the Jaggadala village. Jagaddala was a monastery dating back to the 11th-12th century. UNESCO supported excavations verify this was a monastery. A report by UNESCO reveals an “an extensive mound, 105 metres long by 85 metres, which represents the archaeological remains of a Buddhist monastery…finds have included terracotta plaques, ornamental bricks, nails, a gold ingot and three stone images of deities.” Jagaddala Mahavihara is the only vihara discovered and dug in Bangladesh, which has a rooftop with an approximate 60 cm thik. Amiya Basu, publisher of the Bengali railway guide Banglay Bhraman in the early 40s mentions a fascinating account of the Jagaddala ruins. It discovers: “At a distance of about 3 miles from the Gurava Stambha (pillar) near the river Chiri or Sri, there is a circular stupa (actually mound) with a circumference of about 1000 ft.

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