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Best Archaeological Sites In Bangladesh

Shalban Vihar at Comilla This is one amongst the Buddhist sites of the Mainamati ruins. It is read that Mainamati had been a Buddhist center between seventh and twelfth century. This site was built during the reign of Deva Dynasty, by Bhava Deva, the fourth ruler. The authentic color of the building is flame like and was able to be the dwelling place of 115 monks together. It was previously known as Shalban Rajar Bari, but after the archaeological survey, the had been known as a Buddhist Monastery. When the excavation of terracotta and copper art work was discovered, it was then named as Shalban Vihar. It is one amongst the prestigious Buddhist Monasteries that had a glorious presence from the early eighth century. Some valuable excavation from this place are kept in the Mainamati Museum.

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