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Best Archaeological Sites In Bangladesh

Lalbagh Fort, Dhaka The Lalbagh Fort is the only historical landmark of Bangladesh during the Mughal period, which has been used simultaneously with stone, marble stone, and colored tile. Apart from Lalbagh Fort, no such historical combination has been found in any other historical landmark of Bangladesh. Lalbagh Fort is located in Lalbagh, Old Dhaka. Shah Azam designed the Lalbagh fort. Azam Shah, the third son of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, began construction of the fort as the residence of the Subedar of Dhaka in 1678. Emperor Aurangzeb called him to Delhi to suppress the Maratha rebellion before the construction of the fort was over. As a result, after the construction of a mosque and court hall, the construction of the fort stopped. Nawab Shaista Khan came to Dhaka in 1680 and started construction of the fort again. However, after the death of Shaista Khan’s daughter Paribibi, the fort was considered a waste and Shaista Khan stopped its construction in 1684. Paribibi was buried in the middle of the court hall and the mosque. The name of the fort was Aurangabad at first. Later it became known as Lalbagh Fort

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