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Cultural & Traditional Festivals

Pohela Baishakh: One of the cultures that Bengali people have been following with zeal for centuries, is Pahela Baishakh. This is the 1st day of Bengali New Year and the most popular occasion of Bangladesh. Both men and women are dressed in red and white. Girls wear Saree with colorful bangles and boys wear Panjabi. Various activities are held in many places throughout the day. Bengali foods like Panta Ilish (Hilsha fish and rice), various Pithas (cakes), Candy floss etc are presented in front of the visitors in the fair. Nagordola (Ferris wheel) is set up for amusement. Meanwhile, folk songs are played under Bot-tola (Banyan tree). Over 10 thousand people march at ‘Mangal Shobhajatra’ (Procession for well-being) – a very old tradition that takes place at Dhaka University area. This rally reflects the Secularism of Bangladesh and the unity and indifference that bring all the races and religion together. Students of Dhaka University carry colorful handmade banners, festoons and massive art faces decorated with cock-sheet and paint.

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